Do They Use Math? A Day in the Life of a Computer Scientist

Written by Samantha Ellingsworth.


Did you know that to work with computers you have to have a background in math? People who work with computers are called computer scientists; they work as theorists, researchers, or inventors. They use innovation to solve difficult problems and create and/or apply new technology. The areas of computer science research range from complex theory to hardware design to programming and language design. Some researchers work on projects such as developing and advancing uses of virtual reality (VR), extending human-computer interaction, or even designing robots!


Typically, computer scientists need a Ph.D. in computer science or computer engineering, which usually requires four or five years of study after the bachelor’s degree. After about two years of general education, it’s smart to choose a specialized field – like computer engineering, research, finance, or technology.

When Math Is Used

Computer scientists use mathematics to develop software and hardware, as well as work with theories in their research regarding technology and innovation.



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