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Written by Samantha Ellingsworth.

Sqooasha has one mission, which is to provide students of all walks of life the resources, opportunity and required motivation to succeed.

Mathematical tools are a major part of the resources that Sqooasha provides. Math is fundamental to success in so many ways, especially with careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Beginning as early as kindergarten and 1st grade, children begin to learn basic math concepts that slowly increase in complexity as they move along to higher grades. By high school graduation, a student is expected to understand subjects such as geometry, algebra, and statistics & probability, and sometimes even pre-calculus and trigonometry.

Many young students struggle with basic mathematical concepts and never get the help they need in time…

Therefore, Sqooasha has started a Kickstarter campaign to help these students who are struggling, and help those who are already ahead, stay ahead!

If this campaign is successful, the Sqooasha Team will be able to make plush toys of the Sqooasha mascots and use a portion of the proceeds to make the Sqooasha platform available, at no cost, to as many less-privileged students as possible. Sqooasha has four mascots: Miss Bluenomial, Doug Digit, Mr. Leafy, and Ollie Septopus (pictured below).

Sqooasha mascot plush toy
Miss Bluenomial
Sqooasha mascot plush toy
Doug Digit
Sqooasha mascot plush toy
Mr. Leafy
Sqooasha mascot plush toy
Ollie Septopus







These characters were created to be incorporated into the Sqooasha learning modules and educational games to add to the fun of practicing math. Sections of the Sqooasha learning platform have already been made available to many students at no cost. Creating these plushies will enable us to continue providing these free services to the students that need it the most. With your pre-order and support, we hope to raise enough funds to create these mascot plushies, which will enable us to make our platform available for free to a lot more students. With your support, we are confident that this campaign will be a success!

Get involved here!

Please share our campaign with your friends and family, and thank you for helping us make our dream of helping students a reality!


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