Reduce Your Frustration When Helping With Homework

Written by the Sqooasha Team.

Have you ever tried to explain a mathematical concept to your child, but no matter what you did they just couldn’t quite get it? If so, you are definitely not alone. It is very common for a parent to try every method they can think of to teach their child, but still get that confused look on the child’s face. After this happens, many parents will begin to get frustrated or angry and even want to yell at their child.

If your child does not understand what you are teaching him or her, it is generally best to take a break.

Taking a break.

Take the time to think of other ways to teach your child the concept. Do some research online to discover methods that other parents and educators are using and try some of them out when you reconvene with your child. Knowing when to end the lesson is an important part of keeping your child interested in mathematics. We certainly do not want our children to view learning math as a miserable experience. Learning should be a fun, fulfilling experience.

Use tutorials.

Another alternative is to find online tutorials that your child can watch so you can take a break while someone else explains the concept. With this method, your child can watch a tutorial several times and go at their own pace. There are several good resources available online, and while you’re here, you can find some free tutorials in our resources section. You will have to subscribe to have access to all our tutorials, but the free ones we offer are a good place to start.


Still cannot find a tutorial on the topic you’re looking for? No problem! Simply send us a tutorial request, and we will make one depending on the demand for that topic.


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